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Fun and smooth voting to decide anything, e.g. restaurants, gifts, travel destinations.
Simple yet highly functional. Go ahead and give it a try!

No registration or installation.

No registration or installation is required. Just create a voting page and share the URL with participants.

You can set a web link as an option.

For example, creating a link to a Yelp page allows everyone to share restaurant information before voting.

Multiple votes system.

Participants can be allocated multiple votes. This enables voting reflecting participants' opinion more flexibly.

Default open ballot voting

Having participants input their name also maintains vote integrity. This also lets you know if everyone voted.

Interim results can be private.

You can set a password so that no one can see interim voting results until that password is entered.

Individual voting can be private.

2 disclosure methods. Disclose (1)the votes of all participants or, (2) only the voting results for each option.

Create a voting page!

STEP 1: Set Topic

Voting Title
Description :
up to votes per option,  
up to votes per person.
Privacy Password:

STEP 2: Set Entry Options

Name Link URL Note

List of useful links

Use the following links to search for entry options. If there is a product you want to set as an entry, copy & paste the URL for that page to "Link URL" to share with participants.

For Dining.


The biggest review website.
Especially popular in the USA.


The biggest gourmet website.
Especially popular in India.


A major food delivery service.
Especially popular in India.

For Shopping


The biggest online shopping website.
Almost anything can be found there.


From China at very low price.
Free shipping on almost all products
to over 200 countries.

For Images

By uploading your image,
this website gives you an URL.
You can add this to your settings.