Terms of use.

All users of PlsVote.com ("Service") shall review the details of these Terms of Use and approve them before they start using the Service.

1. Application of Terms of Use

These Terms of Use are applicable to all matters related to the use of the Service.

2. Modification of Terms of Use

2-1. The provider of the Service ("Company") shall be able to change the contents of these Terms of Use or the Service or the URL of the website provided by the Service ("Site") at its discretion without prior notice to its users.
2-2. Any modification of these Terms of Use shall be executed with the methods posted on the Site and shall be effective from the date when such a modification is posted. The use of the Service by its users after the modification shall constitute their approval on the modified Terms of Use.

3. Termination of Service

Company shall be able to terminate or abolish the provision of Service to its users and those users shall approve this before they use the Service.

4. Copyright

4-1. All rights related to the contents posted in the Site such as texts, images, videos, and programs (including the information of these Terms of Use and so it is hereinafter) as well as copyrights related to the Service shall vest in the Company. The users of the Service shall not be able to use, copy, or reprint these contents without the Company's prior approval.
4-2. The users of the Service shall be deems as have transferred to the Company their copyrights arising out of their postings to the Site at the time of such postings.

5. Prohibited Acts

The users of the Service shall not conduct any of the acts listed below when they use it. When they violate this, the Company shall be able to take any action it considers necessary such as deleting any website with problem and suspending their use of the Service. The Company shall not take any responsibility for any damage arising of its actions.
1) Unauthorized accesses to the Site including unauthorized falsification and deletion of information, messages, photos, videos, or programs on the Site;
2) Disguising themselves as the Company or any third party;
3) Excessive number of attempts to use the Site in the same or similar manner which is larger than the number of attempts usually expected (excluding those attempts the Company approves) and other acts the Company considers as spam;
4) Any act that may obstruct the provision of the Service and operation of the Site including but not limited to writing and/or sending harmful computer programs; 5) Any act that violates or is likely to violate laws and regulations as well as public order and morals;
6) Any act related to criminal acts; 7) Any act that violates or prejudices or is likely to violate or prejudice the privacy of communications, properties, intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark, privacy, right of portrait, honor or credibility, and/or other legal and contractual rights and benefits of third parties or the Company;
8) Any act that obtains, collects, or accumulates private information of third parties or the Company;
9) Any act that provides direct or indirect benefits to antisocial forces in connection with acts violating Clause 9 as well as other Services;
10) Any act by users of posting the following information: i. Information that is likely to cause damage to the rights, benefits, and properties of third parties;
ii. Information that is harmful to third parties and damages them physically and mentally; iii. Information that constitutes crimes, illegal acts, or dangerous acts as well as that abets and assists them;
iv. Information that is intended to cause, or contains contents possibly causing threat, discrimination, hate speech, calumny, defamation, insult, harassment, discomfort, or abetment;
v. Information of images and/or texts representing obscenity, child pornography, or child abuse;
vi. Information that contradicts reality or is found to be nonexistent; vii. Information that users do not have any right to control on; viii. Information that violates intellectual and/or other property rights including copyrights of third parties or prejudices public interests or personal rights.
11) Other acts the Company deems inappropriate.

6. Indemnification and Responsibility

6-1. The Company shall not take any responsibility for the following items:
1) Damages caused by the usage environment of a user's computer or other devices;
2) Damages caused to users by acts such as downloading contents provided by third parties and accessing linked sites managed and operated by third parties through the Site;
3) Damages caused to users by misconducts such as unauthorized modifications to the Site, unauthorized accesses to the data related to the Site, and inclusion of computer virus regardless of the Company's reasonable safety measures having been taken;
4) Transactions, communications, or conflicts arising among users or between a user and a third party in the Site;
5) Damages caused by a modification in Clause 2 or a termination in Clause 3;
6) Damages caused by the violation of Clause 5;
7) Other damages (including all disadvantages such as mental distress or other financial losses) caused directly and indirectly by the use or non-use of the Service (including related acts of providing information by the Company or the Site).
6-2. Even if the Company takes responsibility in connection with the use of the Service or the Site, its responsibility shall be limited to the cases caused by its intent or gross negligence and the range of its responsibility shall be limited to direct damages of normal magnitude.
6-3. When a user of the Service causes damages to a third party or conflicts with it in connection with the use of the Service, he/she shall recompense the applicable party for such damages or resolve such conflicts and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
6-4. When a user of the Service causes damages to the Company in connection with its use, he/she shall recompense it for such damages (including all reasonable legal expenses and attorney fees) at his/her expense and responsibility.

User Information

7-1. The company may obtain and use as required the information of its users they entered through their use of the Service for the provision of the Service, the operation of the Site, the promotion of the Service or other services the Company develops, the research and analysis for service improvement, and the communication with users for the response to their inquiries and questions as well as for its provision to third parties including marketing companies. For the provision of the information to third parties, however, without approval by the applicable user, only information that is not his/her personal information or anonymized information can be provided.
7-2. For the use of the Service, its users shall endeavor not to disclose their personal information with no good reason. The Company will not take any responsibility for the disclosure of its users' personal information at the time of their use of the Service.

8. Display of Advertisement

The Company shall be able to post its advertisement or that of a third party on the Service. The advertisement distributor who distributes the applicable advertisement may use the information and cookie in relation to the access by users of the Site or other sites.

9. Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

9-1. All users of the Service shall not currently be members of a gang, its ex-members who quit being part of it less than 5 years ago, its semi-regulars, members of its affiliate company, a racketeer group, a group engaged in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns or political activities, and a criminal group specialized in intellectual crimes as well as other persons equivalent to them ("Gang Members"). They also shall represent and ensure that they do and will not fall under the following:
1) Having relationship with organizations recognized as being dominated by or substantially related with Gang Members or other persons equivalent to them;
2) Improperly utilizing Gang Members for the purpose of their own or a third party's benefits or to cause damages to a third party;
3) Providing Gang Members with funds or facilities.
9-2. All users of the Service shall assure that they will not conduct any of the following acts or use any third party for that purpose:
1) Demand with violence;
2) Unreasonable demand beyond its legal entitlement;
3) Use of intimidating words and actions or violence in business;
4) Damaging the credit or obstructing the business of the other party by spreading false rumors or by the use of fraudulent or forcible means;
5) Any other action equivalent to the above.

10. Interpretation Criteria

Even if part of these Terms of Use is determined as ineffective by laws and regulations, their remaining part will remain effective. The part determined as ineffective shall be interpreted so that it can be minimally modified to be effective.

11. Governing Law

The effectiveness, interpretation, and performance of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the law of Japan and the Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with it.

12. Court of Competent Jurisdiction

Any action arising out of or in connection with the Service between the Company and its users shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.